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With background as an adjunct lecturer at Northeastern University and over 10 years of private teaching experience I bring experience and expertise to help each student realize their goals. I specialize in ages 10 and up, including student on IEP's. 


My teaching approach is guided by each student's age, ability, aims, and interests. The goal is reignite a love of learning! I use a wide variety of resources including books, audio books, games, videos,lectures, learning exercises, conversation, and phoenetic work. 


We specialize in virtual online tutoring, online writing instruction, online education support during homeschooling, online tutoring for SAT and ACT, and online essay coaching. These services are offered for ages 9 and up via secure remote link and in person when possible.  We use a variety of different methods to teach students; each is highly individualized to the student for maximum engagement. I am a former adjunct lecturer at Northeastern University and have over 10 years of teaching experience. This experience and expertise guides me to help each student attain. Is your child on an IEP or needs alternative methods to reach their maximum potential? I provide a judge free zone where I know how to secure this valuable technology for pre-teens and teens.  


At Virtual Online Learning we go by a simple mission: Work Hard. Be Honest - With Me and Yourself. And Always Bring Your Best. If you do that every single time and do that work you will become the student you are meant to be. 200 students can't be wrong! 

Virtual College Applications During Covid19

Remember when you took SAT's or ACT's, did your essays and sent in your college application? Fast forward a year and wow have things changed. The overwhelming majority of colleges have gone "SAT Optional", meaning they are evaluating students holistically. This is necessary as finding seats as testing sites has become next to impossible, with some students driving hours for seats and following strict social distancing protocols. If you are looking for online tutoring, look no further. We offer tutoring for SAT, ACT, writing, and essays via Zoom. We also offer online writing lessons, online grammar lessons, and online education support during this time of homeschooling. 

This places added emphasis on the college essay. Now, more than ever, students must be able to express themselves in their essays. This year, more than ever before, do not attempt your essays alone. Contact Virtual Online Learning. We will walk you through the process and help you present the best version of you to the schools you're applying to. College admissions are expensive. With our experience you have the best chance of being accepted to your first choice school. 

Stay safe and wear your mask!


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