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About Me

College Consulting of Boston

My name is Lisa McGonagle, and I've been an Education and College Consultant since 2010. When you work with me, you can expect honesty and transparency. I will never "upsell" you or your child and instead focus on finding the right fit for each student I work with, evaluating the individual's strengths, weaknesses, interests, and knowledge of the constantly changing college learning environment. I take pride in knowing that every student I've worked with has gone on to law school, Master's programs, and one just completed her Ph.D. Because of that, I am the only College Consultant who can - and does - offer a 100% money-back guarantee if your child is not accepted to one of the schools we agree is a good fit for them. I have that much belief in your child's potential.


"Lisa changed my life. I missed a year of school from illness and thought my dream of an Ivy League school was lost. This year I'll graduate from UPenn with a double major in Computer Science and Economics. She never doubted me, even when I did."

P. Sayed

When we met I never thought I'd make it out of 8th grade. High School was a dream. Lisa saw something none of my teachers did. She made me work hard and I loved it! Because of her, I earned a scholarship to a private high school, then to college. I start law school this fall."

Stefano B.

I met Lisa 10 years ago because I couldn't write my essays. I had no confidence. She saw something in me. We worked every day until she said I was done; what I had was perfect. Nobody ever said before except my Mom. I was accepted to my 1st choice. Last spring I graduated with a Ph.D. We've stayed in touch the whole time. She's amazing!"

C. Peterson, Ph.D.